Networking in New York: Presentation of the Campus Bio-Medico

Enhancing Partnerships in the U.S. for the Biomedical University Foundation

On February 15th, a networking event took place on the spectacular 54th-floor terrace of a New York skyscraper, showcasing the Biomedical University Foundation’s initiatives. 

Federica Marchini, a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the evening’s host, opened the event. With over 25 years of commitment to the Campus Bio-Medico, Marchini shared how it has inspired her life and driven her to support the Foundation’s international growth. She highlighted the Campus Bio-Medico’s Christian ethos and its focus on nurturing individuals by prioritizing their needs in every decision.

Alessandro Pernigo, the Foundation’s President, then highlighted the University and Policlinico Campus Bio-Medico Foundation’s shared vision and core goals. He introduced new strategic plans, including scholarships, distinguished professorships, research endeavors, and the inauguration of the new Clinical Research Center. Pernigo stressed the Foundation’s dedication to advancing these projects with the backing of its supporters.


Special guest Tom Cox, who participated in a support and awareness event for the University in Rome in October 2023, recounted his visit to the Campus Bio-Medico. He was struck by the Christian principles guiding the institution and the dedication of its community. His interactions led him and his wife Celeste, who also attended the New York event, to support the Campus financially and join its International Advisory Board.

Finally, Erik Dyson, a fundraiser for the Foundation in the U.S., introduced the “For Future Generations” campaign, aiming to raise $13 million. He reflected on Seneca’s words, “I have what I have given,” underscoring the significance of generosity in human fulfillment. Dyson advocated for the value of sharing one’s legacy of kindness, emphasizing that generosity enriches the giver’s spirit.