Year-Opening Meeting: Embracing the Motto “Hoc habeo, quodcumque dedi” – “What I Have Given, I Have”

Sharing Perspectives, Challenges, and Projects among Friends, Supporters, and Partners of the Foundation.

On February 5th, at the “Hotel Parco dei Principi” in Rome, the Biomedical University Foundation held its first event of the year. Professor Paolo Arullani, President of the Advisory Board, welcomed attendees by reiterating the Foundation’s guiding principle since its establishment: to create a university and hospital focused on the individual, integrating research, healthcare, and education in innovative ways. Dr. Gianni Letta, a fellow Advisory Board member, applauded the Campus’s achievements in maintaining excellence and serving the community, while highlighting Professor Arullani’s dedicated leadership since 2015.

The ceremony featured the transition of leadership to Dr. Alessandro Pernigo, the new Foundation President, who spoke about the Foundation’s future challenges, including global outreach and the development of a new Clinical Research Center at the Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico Foundation. He also discussed the progress of Cu.Bo (Cultural Box) and the new Simulation Center. The Foundation continues to prioritize excellence and support for financially disadvantaged students through scholarships, in line with its mission to provide comprehensive education, especially as it celebrates the 30th anniversary of the University and the Policlinico Campus Bio-Medico Foundation.


Dr. Laura Picalarga, Secretary-General of the Foundation, revisited the foundational philosophy of “Benevolence,” inspired by Joaquìn Navarro-Valls’ studies. This concept has been pivotal in fostering a culture of giving, exemplified by the creation of 15 scholarships under the Navarro Valls International Award for Leadership and Benevolence, aimed at supporting deserving students in financial need.

In conclusion, Dr. Federico Eichberg, Vice President, reflected on the significance of the Latin motto “Hoc habeo, quodcumque dedi” – “What I Have Given, I Have.” This encapsulates the belief that through acts of benevolence, individuals fulfill their humanity. It highlights the Foundation’s commitment to fostering a culture of generosity, where giving back is seen as enriching one’s own life as much as it helps others.